DVD Box René Wingelaar & Friends – Heading For The UK

Information on ordering this DVD box.


The DVD box, holding five DVDs with six concerts, consisting in total of over ten hours of unique video material, costs € 25,00 plus shipping. We would also like to request a donation for a savings account for René's children - € 10,00 would be very welcome, but please feel free to give any amount you wish.

For the artists, whose performances have been included in the DVD box, there will be a discount of 50%, and therefore the cost would be € 15,00.

The number of DVD boxes will be limited. If payment is received before 15th March 2015 you are assured of a copy. After this date the box will only be available for as long as there are any copies remaining.

Shipping costs:

If you collect the DVD box at one of the following events, no shipping costs apply:

 - the René Wingelaar Remembrance Weekend from Friday 10 to Monday 13 April 2015 at Landal Rabbit Hill NL
- the FOJD Denver Day at Coventry UK on Saturday 25 April 2015

- the WOJD Denver Weekend at Stay Okay Apeldoorn NL on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 May 2015.

Alternatively, the DVD box may be collected from Zoetermeer NL.

Please send an email if you would like to receive more information about any of the events.


If shipping is required, the shipping costs for one DVD box will be € 6,00, for two or more boxes € 11,00.


You can order the DVD box by bank transfer to the following bank account.
IBAN NL95INGB0004141374 (BIC INGBNL2A) under the name of M. ten Brug.
Payments will be in Euros - and any bank costs will be yours.

You can also make payments via
Paypal to the following account: concert@constantmotion.nl
Please use the option ‘send money’ to 'friends & family', any bank costs will be yours. If you need to use any of the other options that involves fees for us, please add € 2,00 for bank costs.

Full payment will depend on the number of DVD boxes ordered, shipping costs and any donation you wish to make.
With either of these payment methods, please include your address - or send it to us in a separate

Please note that we cannot accept cheques or cash payments, so if the bank transfer / Paypal options are not possible for you, please
email us for advice.

To those in Europe, we will ship the DVDs in PAL format, to those in the USA, we will ship the DVDs in NTSC format.

If you require a copy in a different format from these standards, please let us know when you pay, or in advance by email.

Your DVD box will be shipped mid-April 2015.


Text on the inlay:


In 2006 René Wingelaar was invited to do a concert in the United Kingdom. It marked the start of a series of annual concerts and performances, organised by Rose Gwilt, Catriona Livingston, Lynda Carass, Veronica Watson and Elaine and Brian Arnold.


Six of these concerts were videotaped (2006-2010 and 2012), and these recordings (with variable recording quality) have been brought together in this unique DVD box – along with some extra bonus clips - in all providing over ten hours of musical entertainment.


In René’s own words (all in English), this collection tells the story of a remarkable singer/songwriter – about his life, his family, his interests and his love for music. Many of the songs he had written himself, but there are also quite a number of those penned by such musical legends as John Denver, David Mallett, James Taylor, Roy Orbison and many others.


A large selection of the songs René wrote himself are recorded here, and feature such numbers as “Nearly Home”, “Love Can Break Away”, “The Ramblin’ Dreamer”, ”From Afar”, “I Guess I Call It Home”, “Time Can Really Fly”, “Your Face”, “Heartaches Meander”, “Love, Music And A Rose”, “Life Is A Gift”, “Some Things Will Always Stay”, “The Wind Sings The Song”, “Can You Feel How Much I Love You” and the song after which this collection has been named - “Home Soon (Heading for The UK)”.

The most well-loved cover songs René performed at concerts, all of which can be heard on these DVDs, were “Song For The Life”, ”The Girl Of My Best Friend”, “I Will”, “You‘ve Got A Friend’, “Pretty Woman”, ”It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie”, “When I’m 64” and “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. There were of course many more - just too many to list here.


Some of René’s performances were solo, but at times he played with either his full band of Nickels and Dimes, or just one or two of its members. On occasions there were also guest appearances by Steve Brook, Gill Sharman and Mary Waddington. Tributes by Pete Morton and Mark Robinson (UK singer/songwriters themselves) have been included in this box - both artists playing René’s songs.


Though focusing mainly on the musical events, this DVD compilation also partly tells the story of a group of friends, who frequently enjoyed spending time with one of its most beloved performers - occasionally accompanied by his delightful children, Noor and Tim.