DVD Box René Wingelaar & Friends - The Ramblin' Dreamer

Information on ordering this DVD box.

The DVD box with three DVDs, holding over 8 hours of unique video material in total, costs € 20,00 plus shipping. We would also like to request a donation for a saving account for René's children - € 10,00 would be very welcome, but please feel free to give any amount you wish.

For our Denver Day artists, whose performances have been included in the DVD box there is a discount of 50%, and therefore the cost would be € 10,00.

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The shipping costs for one DVD box will be € 6,00, for two or more boxes € 11,00.


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IBAN NL95INGB0004141374 (BIC INGBNL2A) under the name of M. ten Brug.
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Text on the inlay:


Nineteen seventy-five was a remarkable year in Holland.

First of all, The John Denver Fan Club, later renamed The World of John Denver, was born on 1st June. This was followed shortly afterwards by another very important occasion – the birth, on 14th August, of a boy called René Wingelaar.

René performed for the first time at a Denver Day on 3rd November 1990. He was then just fifteen years old – and as we say, the rest is history. And what a history! During a period that spanned more than two decades, René performed seventeen times at Dutch Denver Days.


This unique video collection tells us a lot about that history. During that time, nine of René’s performances were videotaped (1992-1995, 2007 and 2009-2012), and these recordings (with variable recording quality) have been brought together in this DVD box – along with some extra bonus clips.


In René’s own words (Dutch, with English subtitles), it tells the story of a remarkable singer – about his life, his family, his interests and the love he had for the music of John Denver. He sang so many of John Denver’s songs on these occasions – and very often the ones that are less familiar to a wider audience.


Some of René’s performances were solo, but in 2007 he played with his band, Nickels and Dimes. There were also many times he played together with his fellow singers during our Denver Days – Jan Boezen, Guido Bos, John Adams, Leon van der Meer, Esther van der Spek and Jerry Kooyman, to name but a few. There were others, of course, but just too many to name here.


René was a talented songwriter himself. He wrote around two hundred songs and performed some of them at Denver Days. These songs have of course been included in the collection.


This DVD compilation also partly tells the story of a unique club – one that became a family by choice, and went on to grow beyond, but also as a direct consequence of, the adoration of its idol. It has survived the untimely death, on 12th October 1997, of its hero – and it will go on to survive the equally untimely death, on 3rd October 2012, of one of its most beloved performers.


We will go on.

But out of enormous gratitude, we will also remember.