DVD concert 8 september 2012

Information on ordering this DVD.

You can now order a DVD of René Wingelaar´s and Thomas Manetti´s concert on 8th September. The DVD will include the full concert (37 songs, all English, along with the stories in between - spoken in Dutch, but with English subtitles), and two bonus clips.

The price of the DVD is € 5,00 plus shipping, which for 1-2 DVDs € 6,00, and for 3 or more DVDs € 11,00.

We would also like to ask for a donation for a saving account for René's children - € 10,00 would be very welcome, but please feel free to give any amount you wish.

You can order the DVD by bank transfer to the following bank account
Payments will be in Euros - and any bank costs will be yours.

You can also make payments via Paypal to the following account:
Please use the option 'private payments' and don't use a creditcard for this payment. If you're unable to do so, please add € 1,00 for bank costs.

Full payment will depend on number of DVDs, shipping costs and any donation you wish to make.
With either of these payments methods, please include your address - or send it to us in a seperate

Please note that we cannot accept cheques or cash payments, so if the bank transfer / Paypal options are not possible for you, please
email us for advice.

To those in Europe, we will ship the DVDs in PAL format, to those in the USA, we will ship the DVDs in NTSC format. If you require a copy in a different format from this standard, please let us know when you pay, or in advance by

Your DVD will be shipped after we received your payment.